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KINETEK KV-50 Elevator InverterThe Kinetek KV-50 Elevator Inverter delivers superior performance for AC gearless installations at speeds to 4.0 meters per second. The inverter is easy to adjust using the on-board keypad and LED display – parameters are set in common elevator industry units.

The inverter supports static auto-tuning, allowing it to calculate motor stator and rotor resistance, stator and rotor inductance, and learn pole/encoder position for ACPM motors — all while the machine remains roped and loaded.

The inverter provides intelligent pre-torque, energizing the motor to prevent roll back and ensure prompt take-offs, regardless of the load in the car — all without requiring a load weigher.

Speed control may be multi-step, providing eight user-adjustable speeds and using the inverter’s internal S-curve generator, continuously variable, analog (0 - 10V), using an S-curve generated by the elevator controller, or serial – which supports stepped or continuously variable speed inputs.

The Kinetek AC Elevator Inverter protects your motor, automatically keeping output voltage stable when input voltage is fluctuating, and protecting against over-current/ voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, phase failure, over load, and more.


  • Static auto-tune
  • Rotating auto-tune
  • Intelligent pre-torque without requiring a load weigher
  • On-board adjustment and diagnostics
  • Wide range of protective parameters
  • Emergency power supply ready
  • Regenerative inverter ready


  • Digital signal processing
  • Multi-step, analog, or serial speed control
  • Internal or external S-curve
  • Programmable digital inputs
  • Programmable analog input (0 - 10V or 0 - 20mA)
  • Programmable open collector output
  • Two relay outputs
  • Two analog outputs (0 - 10V or 0 - 20mA)
  • Automatic output voltage regulation
  • CE certified
  • Optional - communications extender
  • High visibility LED display and keypad


  • Modernization or new construction
  • Speeds to 4.0 m/s
  • Synchronous or asynchronous motors