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Motion 4000The Motion 4000 traction elevator control is designed to meet the newer installations requiring speeds to 400 feet per minute, service up to 32 stops, and elevator groups to 6 cars. Motion 4000 makes the jobs of installers, adjusters, and maintenance personnel as straightforward as possible, stressing minimal hardware requirements, "out-of-the-box" job readiness, and simple adjustment. Motion 4000 provides flexibility for small machine room or machine roomless installations with application-sized enclosures and components that can be located away from the controller (like Torqmax F5 drive for Motion 4000MRL).


  • Modernization or new construction
  • Low-rise through mid-rise — up to 32 stops with 64 openings
  • Closed loop/velocity feedback/ACPM & Induction
  • Simplex/duplex/groups to 6 cars
  • 450 fpm, 2.3 m/s


  • Serial hall call (optional - mGroup)
  • Serial COP (optional)
  • Full distance feedback
  • Universal I/O (24 to 120V AC or DC)
  • DC, ACPM or AC induction motor compatible
  • Serial PI and voice annunciation interface
  • iMonitor, iReport, iLobby, or IDS ready monitoring, reporting, lobby display
  • Onboard event log, up to 100 events


  • Flexible component location suits small machine room and machine roomless jobs
  • Absolute position/distance feedback
  • Front and rear openings (32 each)
  • No leveling magnets, slowdown, or emergency terminal switches needed
  • Simple installation, adjustment, and maintenance
  • Minimal traveler and hoistway cable wire counts; minimal compensation requirement
  • Universal I/O with electrical protection
  • Easy setup and diagnostics
  • PC configuration tool — mView
  • Seamlessly integrated with iMonitor and BMS Link/Liftnet
  • Short floor minimum 3”


  • ASME A17.1//CSA B44-04
  • CSA B44.1-04/ASME A17.5
  • BS EN 81
  • AS 1735
  • EN 12015 and 12016