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Motion 2000 Hydraulic ControlThe Motion 2000 Hydraulic Control is a simple, economical and dependable hydraulic control. Motion 2000 supports simplex, duplex or group control, and simplifies interconnectivity and field expansion through CAN Bus technology, phone-style connectors and optimized field connection locations.

Motion 2000 uses the same landing system straight-forward interface, switch programming and LCD display as our previous generation controllers. mPAC - a hand-held UI plugs into controller, COP or cartop CAN connection to enable the field programming. Multiple, redundant, self-contained processors provide reliable control and constant safety monitoring. An optional Ethernet port supports real-time connection to iReport, iMonitor and iLobby for real-time monitoring, history, reports and graphic display of activity.


  • Modernization or new construction
  • Simplex, duplex, or group control
  • Groups to 6 cars
  • Service to nine landings and beyond


  • Serial COP dramatically reduces traveler wire count
  • Solid state control replaces relays
  • Universal I/O boards provide 16 independent channels; 24-120V AC or DC with built-in current limiting protection
  • Enclosure knock-outs for easy installation
  • Optimized customer connection points
  • Open architecture and simple phone-style connectors allow easy field expansion
  • Programmable using standard MCE on-board display or hand-held user interface
  • Simplified diagnostics using LED status indicators on most customer connections
  • Redundant, self-contained processors monitor safety, increase control reliability, and enhance noise immunity
  • Expandable to four motor/valve combinations using additional interface boards
  • Optional ethernet port for iReport or iMonitor connection (automated email notification through monitoring application)
  • Lift-Net compatible using optional ethernet port


  • Latest ASME A17.1 code
  • CSA B44.1-04/ASME A17.5-2004
  • BS EN 81
  • AS 1735
  • EN 12015 and 12016


Maximum Car Speed 200 fpm, 1.0 m/s
Configuration Simplex, duplex, group
Landings Up to 9 landings and beyond
Motor Control Solid state, Wye/Delta or Across the Line
Landing Systems LS-QUTE (solid tape/magnets)
LS-STAN (vanes/switches)
System Success LCD and switches or hand-held user interface
Dispatching Distributed control of up to 8 cars
Environment 32–104° F, 0–40° C, humidity non-condensing up to 95%; harsh environment rugged service available (NEMA 4, 4X, 12)
Standard Enclosure 34" w x 31.5" h x 9" d (864 mm x 800 mm x 280 mm) includes knock-outs
Optional enclosure (Feature dependent) 36" w x 42" h x 9" d (914 mm x 1067 mm x 305 mm) includes knock-outs
Standard Enclosures 208–600 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single or 3-phase