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iControliControl is the revolutionary platform that outperforms today's industry-standardcontrollers. iControl delivers processing performance through the intelligent iBox processor and motion performance through closed-loop-control, 16K PWM AC or 12-Pulse DC drives. Configuration, diagnostics, and adjustments are handled through iControlware, a user-friendly software suite designed specifically for iControl. iCue software, running on a centralized dispatcher or an iBox in an elevator group, uses artificial intelligence to make optimal dispatching decisions. An innovative, maintenance-free landing system uses sensors and magnetic encoding to ensure absolute hoistway position - without tape or switches. iControl's cartop station converts discrete car signals to serial communication for transmission to the iBox, reducing traveler cable bulk and expense.


  • Modernization or new construction
  • Low-rise through high-rise — up to 96 stops, as little as one inch between floors
  • Gearless or geared, induction or permanent magnet
  • Groups to 15 cars
  • 1,800 fpm, 9.15 m/s


  • Powered by intelligent iBox processor and closed loop 16K PWM AC Drive, or 12-Pulse DC Drive, and supported by integrated system components.
  • Powerful, software-based dispatching engine uses artificial intelligence to continually optimize dispatching decisions. Easily modify, refine and scale configuration to meet changing traffic patterns. Modular upgrades ensure long-term performance, flexibility and return on investment. Real-time car status information delivered via high-speed, high bandwidth network for optimized response.
  • Reduced traveling cable wires for labor and material savings. Plug-and-play installation reduces setup time. Traveler and hoistway cable tailored for iControl. All conductors clearly labeled and color-coded. Eliminate connection errors and save installation time. Prevents doors from opening unless car speed is within acceptable limits. Maintains absolute position of the car during a power failure.


  • Intelligent — automated calibration, dispatching and traffic-handling allow iControl to learn and optimize for specific building requirements, increasing owner and tenant satisfaction. System self-configures for standard commissioning tests — you select the test, iControl sets up for it.
  • Intuitive — Windows-based user interface is easy to learn and use, reducing installation time and maintenance cost.
  • Safe — the most direct, advanced solution available, designed for ASME A17.1-2004/CSA B44-04 code compliance, with robust engineering that anticipates updates.
  • Cost-effective — streamlined, field configurable hardware design. Fewer components to install, maintain or replace.
  • Flexible — modular software and hardware layers accommodate changing system needs, gracefully and economically.
  • Responsive — robust Ethernet interface facilitates secure remote monitoring, remote equipment control, remote diagnostics, even real time remote troubleshooting and adjustment.
  • Create and configure complex car and group installations off site — then upload, remotely or from the machine room. Create and re-use a “golden” file with minor adjustments from job to job.


iControl AC
iControl DC
Maximum Car Speed
1,800 fpm, 9.14 m/s
1,800 fpm, 9.14 m/s
Simplex and group
Simplex and group
Drive Type
16K pulse width modulation flux vector, with optional regenerative drive
12-pulse, fully regenerative
Motor Control
velocity feedback
Landing Systems
Sensors and magnetic encoding ensure absolute hoistway position
Configuration, monitoring and reporting
iControlware suite for monitoring and changing state of controllers/dispatchers. Includes iView, iMonitor and iReport
PC-based or embedded micro controller software intuitively assigns hall calls to controllers
32–104°F, 0–40°C, humidity non-condensing up to 95%; harsh environment rugged service options available
Standard Enclosure
42" w x 72" h x 16" d, 914.4 mm x 1,447.8 mm x 304.8 mm enclosure size may increase per specific application