Kinetek : Technology in Motion
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Kinetek manufactures a complete line of high-performance motors to keep products in motion and performing to specifications — including high-torque, power-packed gearless AC machines that deliver a premium ride while using 40% less power. Kinetek’s commitment to green technology pays off with increased motor efficiency and lower power consumption than traditional lift products.

Permanent magnet AC gearless machines have balanced engineered pick points to make installation and service easier. Standard frame sizes are used with future service needs in mind. Dual, independent brake design on gearless machines meets emergency brake requirements currently used on traction applications.

Gearless AC machines provide an unusually capable low-rpm, high-torque operation that’s noticeably quieter and nearly maintenance-free. Rugged cast iron frames protect a totally enclosed, self-cooling motor, while machine brake and sheave assemblies are removable and replaceable, providing cost savings over years of service.