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Simplex/duplex/ groups to eight carsZXK-3000B

  • Philips CPU, 512K Flash ROM, program easily upgradable
  • CAN BUS LAN serial communication technique at speeds of up to 125 k/s, rapid feedback
  • LCD display, high safety and reliability with help of classified code protection
  • Clock and fault diagnosis function, automatically recording fault information (type, time and position)
  • Double door machine control (optional)
  • Serial communication and modular structure applied, an instruction board for processing car signals and controlling the door machine directly
  • Remote monitoring function, duplex is available
  • Integration of hall call instruction and hall indication. Dot matrix and rolling display for direction and speed.
  • Suitable for elevators up to 64 floors, full collective, duplex and group control up to 8 cars (without group controller)
  • Electric brake release (optional)